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One Funnel Away Challenge | Honest Review and Hidden Bonuses | 2020

One Funnel Away Challenge from Clickfunnels is one of the best online business courses for entrepreneurs, which not only introduces you to the world of funnels (and clickfunnels), but also builds your core fundamentals on commercial, marketing and other aspects of building a business from scratch as an entrepreneur.

You might be wondering if the one funnel away challenge is worth for me and as someone who has gone through the challenge and literally built an online business from ground up in 30 days, I wanted to provide you an honest one funnel away challenge review and complete comprehensive perspective to make the decision.

There are a plethora of online business courses in the market which are all gimmicky and we get overwhelmed and distracted as none of them provides a complete practical coaching to get our business off the ground, so i had my share of doubts before subscribing for the ofa challenge, but turned out to be one of the most transformational experiences of my life. As someone with 15+ years of digital business experience, top tier institute management degree, deep digital exposure with leading companies including amazon, exposure to courses from Harvard and more, I was amazed at the amount of value this course provided for just 100$. It was like a crash course for entrepreneurs to create the base for a million-dollar online business in just 30 days (provided you go all in). For me personally it helped me declutter my mind around an online course offering and create a money minting online course funnel in just 30 days so here is the complete One Funnel Away Challenge Review for you.

So, before we get to One Funnel Away Challenge Review, Let’s cover a few basics:


What is a Sales Funnel?

We see sales funnels in all walks of life, and they have gained quite a momentum online in the last few years.

Offline Funnels – Imagine your last vehicle purchase. You saw an advertisement (step 1 of funnel), you decided to go and took a test drive (step 2 of funnel), you then met a salesperson who did his pitch and also had some neat offers added to entice you (step 3 of funnel), you decided to purchase and then some accessories or insurance scheme was offered to bump up your order (step 4 of funnel) and so it goes.

Online Funnels – In the online world, websites existed for long, but most of them didn’t do a good job at converting customers. You can get all the traffic to your site and make them navigate through different pieces of content, but all this fascinating stuff may still need a lot of time and money, but without a promise of a bottom line. To be able to generate your revenue stream you also need focused selling and that’s what funnels do.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an automation tool for your business, which transforms your entire sales process by giving you the power to control every stage of the customers buying journey from being a prospect to become a lead to a customer to moving to your high ticket offerings and becoming a part of your email marketing list, all under one roof.

The Clickfunnels software is primarily designed to provide online businesses with a complete sales funnel. It’s a simple, hassle-free alternative to managing complex websites which may not result in focused purchase. It makes the entire process super simple for an owner so you can focus on your marketing efforts and making your product awesome, and perfect and simple solutions. I have provided a complete walkthrough of clickfunnels which you can check out here.

Now, let’s get back to One Funnel Away Challenge Review:


What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels is a 30-Day Step by Step course designed by Clickfunnels, which helps you:

  • Build the right mindset as an Entrepreneur,
  • Zero in on the Niche for your online business funnel,
  • Craft a compelling offer and value proposition,
  • Have the right tools to build your business,
  • Hone your sales message and funnel strategy,
  • Traffic secrets to attract customers to your funnel,
  • Email marketing and list management tactics and blueprint to engage, retain and unlock value from your customers lifecycle,

and more to get your business off the ground in 30 days!

Who is One Funnel Away Challenge Course For?

Whether you are a newbie who doesn’t have a product to sell, a mother who wants to leverage her skills and start a business from home, an expert who wants to build a course or coaching business online, an entrepreneur who wants to build an online ecommerce business – there is a funnel for your business! I haven’t come across a business till now which doesn’t need a sales funnel – It’s how you get focused conversion with the traffic you bring. So, think no more and join this challenge as you really have nothing to loose. There is also a money back guarantee, so for whatever reason, if you don’t see the value, you can always get back your $100 investment! Go For It!


What all does the One Funnel Away Challenge Offer?

30 Days Live Challenge (Value – 997$) – Once you sign up for the OFA Challenge, you will get access to Members Area and Facebook Group, where you will undergo the challenge with fellow entrepreneurs. It’s a rich experience where you will have tasks each day which you need to accomplish, and the coaches help you unlock your potential through this very structured program.

One Funnel Away Challenge Kit Bundle

30 Days Live Coaching (Value – 997$) – The Live Coaching sessions are filled with value bombs 😊. You get practical perspective and high-octane action in these sessions. They were a great motivator for me to keep going through the drill and getting my funnel off the ground in 30 days!

One Funnel Away Challenge Combo Offer

One Funnel Away Challenge Kit (Value – 247$) – This is an awesome kit and you must grab one for yourself! While the kit is offered as a free bonus with the course you will have to pay the shipping charges for all physical bonuses (but it’s totally worth shelling out a few extra dollars –  $19.95 for US and $29.95 for International shipping, to be precise.

OFA Workbook

Physical Copy of OFA Workbook (Value – 97$) – This is your daily journal filled with checklist of tasks you need to do, important links you will need and perfect accessory to jot down your daily notes!

One Funnel Away Challenge Offer MP3

MP3 Player (Value – 297$) – There is 2-4 hours of content to be consumed daily, so this will come really hands as you can listen to the key recordings on the go, and keep pace with the challenge.

30 Day One Funnel Away Challenge Book

30 Days Hardcover book (Value – 97$) – This is a 550 Page Hardcover book filled with awesomeness. In this book Russel interviews 30 Two Comma Club Winners (Million Dollar Business Creators with Clickfunnels), on how they would rebuild their business in 30 Days (Day by Day Walkthrough) if they were to suddenly lose everything they have created. This was a big inspiration for me to create my own course and coaching funnel!

One Funnel Away Challenge Coach

30 Days MM$ Interviews (Value – 197$) – These are behind the scene interviews and you also get a walkthrough of the thought process behind how these million-dollar funnels were created. Super Cool!

Clickfunnels Two Comma Club

Two Comma Club Interviews (Value – 197$) – I couldn’t access all of these in the time provided, but they looked pretty neat to be on your radar once you get through everything else.

One Funnel Away Challenge Training Free Tshirt

One Funnel Away Challenge T-Shirt – This is a secret one you’ll unlock once you complete the challenge. This is what it looks like. 😊



30 Day Clickfunnels Training Walkthrough:

Now, let’s walk through what the 30-Day Challenge would look like:


Week 1 – One Funnel Away Challenge Review of Pre training week


This week is all about getting ready for the challenge. This week really shapes you in terms of having the right mindset, gaining inspiration from real stories of people who created million-dollar online businesses with clickfunnels while starting from scratch, getting some fundamental concepts right as entrepreneurs and much more!


Week 2 – One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Build Your Offer


During this week you are going shape your product offering into an irresistible value proposition. One of the secrets you will learn during this week is how to convert your product into an offer stack where you start creating compelling value for the customer versus competing on price. You will get insights into how to build your offer stack, how to sequence your stack (what offers to put in which stage of the funnel to get maximum conversions), how to create digital offer assets, how to hack offers and ethically model your competitors and more. This will be the fundamental building block of your online business funnel and things move fast in this week, but it will be gratifying to see your offer take shape!


Week 3 – One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Build Your Story and Hook


This week is about building your story which will engage your customers and build trust and likeability and help them relate to your offering down the line. This week is so much about introspection and creating your best story (Epiphany Bridge), which will create a WOW moment for your customers and unlock their untold pains and latent desires and provoke action! You will also get exposed to some awesome hacks to create great hooks for your customer. I can’t emphasize enough about the importance of getting right hooks – Your customers journey starts here à Imagine you have a phone which you want to sell on a busy street, the phone is filled with unseen videos which can help people transform their life..blah..blah..You can only tell your story when you get the attention of people walking by – That’s what a hook does. It helps you grab the attention, and then you tell them the story followed by your offer and close the deal! This is just a sneak peak of this highly enriching week.


Week 4 – One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Build Your Funnel


During this week you will build your funnel in Clickfunnels, Starting from creating your funnel strategy, and then your squeeze page to get your customers, your sales page to sell your core offer, your upsell (OTO) page to maximize profit from your funnel, your members area within Clickfunnels to deliver your digital assets and putting it all together.


Pro Tip: Don’t sign up for the 14 Day Free Trial with your main account before the challenge, as you would need it operationally only from Week 4, once you get the awesome share funnels.


Week 5- One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Build Your Funnel


This is the final week of your challenge. By now you will have your sales funnel up and ready, and this week’s focus will be on getting your audience (driving traffic to your funnel). This week has some great practical concepts which will help you see results in a very short time, and you will be able to start generating money from your funnel before the challenge ends!


After all it’s a challenge, not cake walk.


I recommend clickfunnels as the best execution tool for business as I have used it myself and found resounding success. And ofa is the best place to start as it not only provides you with practical toolkit even if you are a complete newbie.


OFA Review – High Impact Coaching sessions with experts

So once you progress through the challenge you will have weekly live calls with the OFA Coaches, who will walk you through some key concepts, tools and resource of great value, and then it’s an open house where you can bring up your challenges and queries which they will help you solve. Even if you don’t have a query, just listening in to these calls helps clarify so many concepts from creating your offer and sales message, to operational stuff like setting up your sales funnel, plugging the smtp, getting your email settings in place to resources for design and branding to plug n play templates for email series and so much more!


OFA Review - Other Awesome Free Clickfunnels Resources I Came Across During the Challenge

Funnel Flix Training

Funnel scripts – During the challenge you will get access to some awesome free stuff in Funnel Scripts, and each day Jim Edwards will share some great resources you can use to build your story, sales message, hooks and much more!

Clickfunnels Training Books

Some great free books – Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets and Network Marketing Secrets are life changing books for online entrepreneurs and I highly recommend you read these. I have provided links below where you can get them for free!

OFA Bonus Workbook

Share funnels – You will get share funnels during the challenge which you can use and just plug your customized content to build your funnel in just a few days. I have built funnels overnight using this strategy, and if you want to directly use some great million dollar funnel templates, write to me at [email protected] and I will be happy to share with you funnels basis your need so you can get your business off the ground with high converting funnel design.

Funnel Fridays

Funnel Fridays – You can watch live sessions where you will watch the experts build High converting funnels from scratch in just 1 hour!

OFA Review - How to unlock maximum value from the challenge

– Commit – You need to commit for 5 weeks as it’s going to be a high-octane challenge (and not a cakewalk 😊).

– Prepare – You need to be in the right space to work on this 30-day challenge. Organize your Workstation, System, Stationery and stuff, so you can be at your best self while going through this 30 Day One Funnel Away Challenge!

– Rest well and Practice Mindfulness – You need to be well rested before the challenge and make sure you are committed to 5 weeks to hard work to get your funnel off the ground as soon as the challenge finishes and start generating money with your online business.

– Sharpen Your Basics – The Challenge moves fast, so you may feel left behind if you get stuck. So, before the challenge starts,

– Go through the Clickfunnel environment to understand the ecosystem,

Checkout Fiverr or Funnel Rolodex (where you will may to outsource stuff like Logo, E-Covers and more,

Sign up with Clickbank (which you can refer for inspiration on high converting funnels or identify affiliate businesses in your area of interest),

Get comfortable with design tools, preferable Canva which is super easy to use for beginners

Think of your area of interest and specialization, so you can zero in on the niche for your business before or as soon as the challenge starts

– Get to Execute – You will not get anywhere listening to hours of content without getting your hands dirty. You need to execute and gain practical learning in these 30 days. Stop the videos, implement what’s being said, Play again. Repeat! – This had been my simple effective strategy to get my online business running in 30 days!


Wishing you the very best of journey ahead!


🎁 500$ Worth Hidden Bonus - 1:1 Support for 3 Months

There will be a lot of new variables as you go through this challenge, and you may find yourself a little overwhelmed.

I recommend having a mentor who can be your guide and sounding board as you work through this challenge.

If you sign up for the Challenge via my link below, I will be your mentor for initial 3 months, so you can benefit from my journey and experience in building multiple million dollar brands. Additionally, I will share 5 Lead Magnets, High Converting Sales Funnels, Email Marketing Automation Scripts and Curated Digital Strategy for your Business, all Free of Cost for Subscribing to One funnel away challenge with this link.

Drop me a note to [email protected] once you sign up for the Challenge via my link below.




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