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10 Ways On How Social Media Listening Can Help In SEO

Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening

Social media marketing is a constantly evolving beast. SEO continues to change, and how people find content continues to evolve. One of the most effective ways to really optimize your content and make sure you’re landing on the first page of Google is through social media listening! Social media listening is the process of obtaining information from consumers and potential customers via social media networks. The first step is to create a great plan to get an understanding of your target market. Once you know their pain points and needs, you can incorporate that into your content.

What exactly is social media listening?

Social media listening is the process of monitoring and analyzing what people are saying about a company, brand, or product on social media. This can be done to identify potential leads for the organization and track what is said about them so that future responses to comments can be more tailored.

It takes a lot of work for a company to stay on top of what’s being said about them online. It is an important step in any marketing strategy. With social media being such an integral part of people’s lives these days, neglecting this aspect will result in a company essentially throwing away money.

If you’re not putting in the work to listen to what’s being said about your brand, chances are that someone else will. They may be spreading false information about your brand or service that can be negative for the organization. This can cost a company money and its reputation, which is something no business should take lightly.

Social media listening is therefore key to staying ahead of the competition and making sure that the company stays on track with how it engages with different audience segments and individuals.


How does social media listening help SEO?


If you’re operating a local business, it’s easy to focus on what’s going on in your area. However, there may be things happening in the industry or in more distant areas that could impact your business. Social media listening helps you understand what people think about brands, products, and competitors to give you insight into the best way to approach local search traffic. Here are some ways social listening can help SEO:


1. Increasing Backlinks

There are many ways you can generate backlinks to your site, and most don’t include writing a complete article for another site and hoping that someone will read it. Using social listening tools, you can find brand mentions that aren’t linked to you. Once you’ve found them, reach out to the person who mentioned your brand and ask if they’d be willing to link back.

2. Monitoring new links

Once a high-quality link is built, it’s essential that you know when it’s published so that you can share the news with everyone. If a site links back to one of your competitors, that’s something worth knowing about. You don’t want to lose a great link and have people assume that you no longer exist, do you? Monitor new links to your site by using a social media listening tool to find out when brand mentions are occurring.

3. Finding guest blogging opportunities

Social media listening can help you find opportunities for guest blogging, too. It’s not enough to just blog on your site anymore; you need a way to get noticed by new audiences online. Finding new guest blogging opportunities is excellent for anyone who wants to build more links, drive more traffic, prove that they’re experts in their industry, and improve their SEO strategy. A social listening solution will allow you to identify high-value sites and people in your industry so that you can offer your services as a guest blogger or author. Don’t forget that sometimes the best opportunities are hidden away from the front page of search results.

4. Managing your brand’s reputation

You want to be aware of what people are saying about you, especially if it’s negative. If something is said about your brand that isn’t true, you want to correct it. If someone has an issue with a customer service experience, for example, you can resolve their complaint and earn points for customer service as well as loyalty from that person. Don’t just look at the feed from one network. Use multiple social media listening tools to get a good view of what’s being said across the web about your brand and competitors’ brands.

5. Discovering New Keywords

Keep an eye out for new SEO keywords that are starting to gain popularity, and Google Search Ads is a great way to monitor high volume low competition keywords. Privacy is important to Google, so many people are turning to social media channels to find more information about the terms they’re interested in. With a social media listening tool, you can get a better idea of what people are searching for online with these new keywords and then use it to create content that will drive traffic to your site.

6. Analyze your competitors

One of the best ways to learn how to do something better and in a different way is to look at what your competitors are doing. A social media listening tool makes it easy to find mentions of brands and products, both good and bad, to understand what you need to do better. You can then follow their success by using social listening to find out more about what they’re doing that works for them. Social media listening can also help you learn from your competitors. If a competitor has an influential blog and talks about a product, you should get in on the conversation. Social listening tools can show how much online buzz there is around certain brands and products, so you know when to jump into the conversation. Learning from your competitors will boost your SEO strategy.

7. Sentiment Analysis

Knowing the sentiment of the audience can be very useful. If people are talking positively about a brand, product, or service, then you can use that to your advantage to gain more exposure online. If people are saying things negatively about your brand or your competitors’ brands, your next steps should be carefully considered to avoid losing customers and search traffic. Combine social listening solutions with Google Alerts so that you can see what people are saying while talking in other places online, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

8. Find relevant influencers.

Finding influencers and publishers in your industry who can produce high-quality content on social media channels is a good way to build links, drive more traffic, and earn new customers. You don’t have to be the biggest or brightest in your industry to grab some people’s attention. Just remember, you must be willing to put in the time and effort so that people will want to talk about what you’re doing. If you’re not willing to do that, then use Google Alerts to find someone else who is. Social media listening tools can help you find smaller influencers for whom the work seems effortless and who have plenty of online influence.

9. Increase website traffic

If someone you know already has a link to your site, chances are they’re not the only person who knows about it. Google Analytics can tell you how many people click on your homepage and how much traffic to your site comes from search engines and other sources. You can also look into other analytics tools that compare web traffic across various sources, including social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. These tools will tell you what people are saying about brands, products, services, and more on social media platforms so that you can use that information to determine what content is working for another brand and create something similar for your site. Having a great SEO strategy will increase your website traffic.

10. Discover New Content Opportunities

Though social media listening tools might not be able to tell you how to create the next big article, they can help you find content ideas already trending within social media networks. This can indicate when it would be a good time to republish a popular article, announce a new one, or share something that’s already doing well online. If you don’t have the time to create something new and instead want to post something that’s already successful online, then use social media listening tools to find the right content for your audience.

With a social media listening tool, you can find out how your content is doing on various social media channels. It will also help boost your SEO strategy. Use this to determine which pieces of content are working well for the audience you have and which should be tweaked to get more traffic and engagement. If you don’t have time to look at the performance of each piece of content, consider using free tools that rank articles based on what’s working best in the industry based on social sharing, links, comments, and more.


Conclusion : Social Media Listening

Social network listening is one of the most useful, powerful, and essential tools you can use to find valuable, timely, and engaging content that will help your business achieve its goals on social media. Following the success of popular companies, social media listening has hit it big. But before you jump in, make sure to do your research by using several different social listening tools so that you can see what’s already working for other brands.

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