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Affiliate Marketing Examples| 20 Business Ideas You Must Hack | 2023

Affiliate Marketing Examples

Affiliate Marketing Examples in this guide will show you some great and simple ideas to make money in your Niche without getting into the complexity of creating the product and start earning high revenue in a very short time. The idea of affiliate marketing examples is straightforward: you register for a program for a specific item or service, and if approved for it, you can then use existing promoting materials links with a different URL. If somebody enrols for that service using that web address, you gain a commission.

In this article we will understand Affiliate marketing examples in a step-by-step manner and I will also provide you the Top 10 Affiliate marketing aggregators and Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Examples which you can model and start earning high commissions without investment.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Top Affiliate Marketing Examples and Complete Affiliate Guide

Affiliate Marketing is an online deals strategy that lets a product proprietor improve sales by allowing others to focus on the same crowd—”affiliates”— to gain a commission by suggesting the item to other people. Simultaneously, it makes it feasible for affiliates to procure cash on product deals without making items of their own.

Affiliate marketing Examples includes alluding an item or service by sharing it on a blog, online media forums, or site. The affiliate gains a commission every time somebody buys through the referral link associated with their suggestion. Each prominent organization From Amazon to Microsoft to Coursera to have their own affiliate program, which is free to join by any person over the globe. If you were not aware of this, then give close consideration to the rest of this guide buddy, you are going to discover the most intriguing part of bringing in cash from home.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Done well, this results-oriented open door can transform into a noteworthy part of your business by webbing you a high income.

To put it plainly, if you’re an affiliate, you use your skills as an affiliate promoter to refer your audience to a product. When someone amongst your group decides to buy a product or make a stride contingent upon your proposal, you get a commission or payout.

If you’ve ever looked for cell phone reviews before settling on a choice, you’ve gone over affiliate marketing examples. These organizations pull in the crowd by posting audits, step-by-step guide, rankings, offers, recommendations, etc. and provide the clients with a link to purchase from the accomplice site. As soon as the client completes the checkout process after tapping on the affiliate link, these companies gain a commission.

Generally, the affiliate business model includes the connection of 4 or 5 groups relying on the kind of collaboration between the affiliate and the venture that possesses the item. These groups are:

Affiliate (Publisher): the group which devotes its time and assets to advertise an outside party product to its focused crowd as a by-product of commissions on each fruitful deal alluded by it. Affiliate comprises of web content creators, vloggers, online media influencers, and so on.

Merchant ( Advertiser): The real merchant of the item collaborates with the associates to boost the deals of his products. A merchant can be a person offering a mini-course to a massive organization like Amazon, selling a considerable number of products.

Network: Most often, there’s a broker who links the merchant and the affiliate and handles the payment and the item delivery of the advertiser. In such cases, the affiliate is in immediate contact with the organization and not the shipper.

Customer: The customer is the real individual who purchases the item after being alluded by the affiliate. He may or probably won’t know about the tie-up between the affiliate and the advertiser.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Examples


CPC is a pricing model that charges the promoter each time a client taps on the advertisement. Clients are not expected to finish the conversion, buy an item or subscribe for a bulletin. They just need to click.

Additionally, alluded to as pay-per-click (PPC), it is a results-oriented metric. In the CPC model, the money isn’t merely based on the advertisement’s exposure, but on the client interaction with that promotion. By tapping on the commercial, a client shows an intrigue for a given offer; therefore, this estimation model might be seen as a payment for focused interaction exposure.

Each sponsor is in charge of setting the ‘monthly financial plan’ and ‘maximum cost-per-click’ by catchword. CPC budget plans extend from 50-500,000 dollars in a month.


CPM is an evaluating model where the advertiser charges a lump-sum amount for 1000 impressions of an ad to the crowd. That is the reason CPM is also called cost per thousand.

The CPM model intensely depends on the number of times the advertisement appeared; it doesn’t make a difference whether the client tapped on the promotion or drew in with it. It is most appropriate for display and branding focused campaigns. CPM is an ideal choice from advertiser’s viewpoint due to the anticipated income and measurable outcomes.

CPM convention usually gives an ensured number of impressions, and the charges will depend on that number. If the site has a CPM rate of 10 dollars and provides 100,000-page images for the commercial, the advertiser’s expense will be 1000 dollars.


The CPA estimating model is generally used in affiliate marketing. It is a cost-per-action model where cash is possible only when the client makes an action, for instance, downloading or click.

With the cost-per-lead valuing model, sponsors pay when a client sees an advertisement on the site, clicks that promotion, and then makes further move. Consequently, a client turns into a certified lead for sale. Cost-per-lead takes the whole cycle a stride because a client needs to finish action on the promoter’s site. Only then the advertiser will receive money. Supporters may pick which particular activity will be charged: download a PDF, subscribe for a bulletin, get a membership, complete a survey, etc. This metric is characterized when setting up every crusade.


CPI – is a type of CPA model where the charges are set for a specific action, such as downloading an application performed by the client. The cost-per-install model is ideal for the application promoters who want to zero in on better audience quality rather than quantity and draw in a highly energetic pool of clients.

The CPI pricing model is explicitly popular in the mobile environment since it highlights a lot of benefits. Although the cost-per-install is typically costlier than the cost-per-click, the budget expenditure seems useful as a user pays for the genuine client rather than the advertisement impression.

Top 10 Aggregator Affiliate Marketing Examples

Top Affiliate Marketing Aggregator Examples

1. Clickbank

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network that helps connect up product proprietors (otherwise called advertisers, sponsors, merchants, item dealers) with affiliates (also known as publishers). The organization was established in 1998 and is situated in the United States. Since the beginning, Clickbank has developed to become one of the most famous sites of its kind with many successful affiliate marketing examples.

This affiliate aggregator allows proprietors to sell an assortment of electronic items, for example, PC software and digital books. Apart from providing a commercial centre, Clickbank is a money processor.

Clickbank overcomes any barrier between product holders and affiliates; both require each other to bring in cash. Product proprietors can use Clickbank as a compelling method to promote their items, and affiliates can pick them to advance and gain the absolute best commissions available online.

Five useful things stick out:

  • Simplicity: The sign-up procedure is simple. You can join within no time and begin trading without confounded desk work to fill or authoritative circles to bounce through.
  • Inclusivity: Anybody can join the organization without any fees. It’s ideal for novices who wish to gain proficiency in affiliate marketing.
  • Duality: On most affiliate marketing networks, you register either as a seller or an affiliate. ClickBank lets you enter the fray both as a merchant and an advertiser, so you amplify your income.
  • Massive Selection: With many fantastic affiliate items in every possible niche to choose from, your affiliate marketing program alternatives are various.
  • Reasonable Commission Rates: ClickBank pays a decent commission of up to 85% or even 100%. Besides, they deliver quickly, so you won’t need to wait for long to overdo what you’ve had your eye on.


  • Weekly payouts with a wide range of payout choices.
  • The joint endeavour program brings significantly higher income.
  • One of the most excellent and most vigorous affiliate aggregators out there.
  • ClickBank implements a 60-day, no inquiries posed money-back assurance on ALL items.
  • Instant support procedure.


  • Refund strategy enhances conversion rates; however, it can eat into your pay.
  • Strong rivalry from different affiliates selling similar items.
  • Some advanced items being sold are inferior quality.
  • Initial instalments are made with a paycheck only – after a specific number of sales, you can receive payouts through wire transfer or PayPal.
  • Limited scope of physical items.

2. Cuelinks Affiliate Marketing Examples

Cuelinks is the appropriate response that Indian affiliate marketers have been hanging tight for; This is the simplest method to monetize your site. Regardless of whether you are enlisted in Adsense, the links work in a state of harmony and won’t influence each other.

Cuelinks has more than 25,000 affiliates, running around 2500 unique missions earning more than 10 million clicks.

Any prepared affiliate marketer will comprehend that these figures are alluring. Aside from offering affiliates the opportunity to bring in cash, the aggregator has a ton to provide promoters.

Affiliates are ardent about what they compose on their weblogs and sites. Thus, they are excited for the affiliate connections or ads that are set on their websites. Most would prefer to sell promotion space instead of host interfaces that will weaken their content.

Cuelinks is an affiliate aggregator that elevates content to more significant levels with some of the best affiliate marketing examples to model. The advertiser doesn’t need to roll out any modifications to the plan or substance of the blog. Everything necessary is replicating a bit of JavaScript that needs to be put in the blog’s code.

This aggregator also has a great deal to bring to the table sponsors. The program places items and services before hungry purchasers who follow affiliate web journals.

There are four primary items offered on Cuelinks:

The initial step is to join Cuelinks. The procedure is simple since everything necessary is your name, e-mail address, cell phone number, and the URL of the weblog or site. A code will be produced and presented to you. Duplicate this and glue it in your site or blog code, and begin earning cash.

  • Cuelinks

You don’t need to do any coding. Once the JavaScript has been introduced in the header part of your site, all web content, whether new or old, will be changed over into affiliate links, which will assist you in earning cash. The best part about Cuelinks is that the links created won’t affect your SEO score.

  • CueWords

Recent bloggers can enhance their income by turning on CueWords; This will self-convert certain words in your substance into payment, producing text links. Consequently, the entirety of this is done after the script sweeps the content and concludes, which is the most suitable.

  • CueWidgets

These are widgets that put advertisements in any unused space on your site or blog. The advertisements are in an ideal setting with the content of the page. Cuewidgets are a terrific method of making cash while featuring your content.

  • CueApps

Now you can gain cash from the applications that you make. You can add CueApps SDK to your mobile applications, and all pertinent substance will be transformed into a link that will bring you money.

3. VCommission

Vcommission began in 2008 and is one of the prime Indian Advertisement Network accessible to affiliates and advertisers searching for India’s crowd. Vcommission is one of the quickest developing organizations in India and is reached by many associates in the blink of an eye. Vcommission offers an assortment of offers to its affiliates, and they have an exclusive method of advancing the proposals through their YouTube channels.

The best aspect of the advertisement network is constant tracking. Vcommission’s approach to value the promoters referring other dynamic supporters is they offer 10 dollar referral for including another advertiser. Vcommission has expertise in driving ages and getting clients if you are looking for best affiliate marketing examples.

Vcommission for Advertisers

Promoters searching for a mix of value and execution ought to depend on Vcommission. Adnetworks give solid leads that help in accomplishing the ROI. Vcommission has a concrete screening procedure for publisher records and aides in robust advancement. Vcommission has an enormous base of affiliates or publishers advertising them.

  • Account administrators for advertisers: Vcommission focuses on all promoters. They are continually in contact with the sponsors and work for the best functioning of the campaign.
  • Tracking: Vcommission provides constant tracking accessible to its promoters. They are using a direct global tracking framework, which is a dependable name.
  • Fraud Recognition: Vcommission gives significant serenity to advertisers. They keep a close eye on associates’ functioning, and it is done regularly to stay away from scam drives coming through.
  • Reporting: Affiliate chiefs send an everyday/weekly and monthly details regarding the campaign’s status.
  • Performance-based campaign: If you are a sponsor, you just need to pay Vcommission based on execution. For joining Vcommission, you don’t need to pay any fixed charge, no maintenance expense, and so on.

Vcommissions for Publishers

Publishers consistently search for the advertising network that can offer them great returns, and its tough to find the most appropriate one as there are endless alternatives out there. However, Vcommission hangs out in the competition for some reason, including tracking, staff consideration, deals, highlights, etc.

  • Offers: There are a great many offers accessible for the affiliates. Vcommission has deals created, keeping in mind the nation and niche; the publisher can pick them based on their website’s motif.
  • Report: Vcommission uses the best program accessible. It uses a direct track that provides publishers with actual monitoring on crusades.
  • Payout: Vcommission follows around 30 instalment cycles, and there are numerous payment means accessible for the publishers. If you have a decent crowd, they can pay you every week consistently.

4. WarriorPlus Affiliate Marketing Examples

Warrior Plus’ site and the user interface looks like something from an old-time, yet Warrior Plus is a trustworthy competitor in promoting online courses and “make cash” advertising programs. Where Warrior Plus sparkles is its quick payments (through PayPal) and paying out for all items in the sales funnel.

Since verifying the items (including discount rates) requires a great deal of time and hardwork, Warrior Plus is best suited for experienced advertisers looking to gain commissions on an enormous scope of projects.

Niche Details:

Warrior Plus (or Warrior +) is explicitly devoted to web advertising.

Product Types:

The main items available for sale through Warrior Plus are electronic ones, including special offers and “zero-cost” courses given in return for contact data. Most of Warrior Plus items are courses on the best way to bring in cash (called MMO or BizOpp in the business).

Average Commission Rate:

Commission rates fluctuate widely, relying upon the item.

Cookie Duration:

Cookie spans change by product.

Warrior Plus is best for professional web advertisers who want to procure commissions on (other) web marketing deals and many successful affiliate marketing examples. Warrior Plus’s cumbersome GUI and high amount of inferior quality items make their program most appropriate for experienced associates who have advanced techniques to bring the crowd to specified links.

A quick overview of the upsides and downsides of this affiliate aggregator:


  • Simple and free endorsement procedure.
  • Several (advanced) items on offer.
  • Very straightforward functioning and high payoffs/commissions for specific items.
  • Beneficial metrics on sellers.
  • Quick Paypal payouts or payment through Stripe.


  • Requires endorsement from every seller, which can be tedious.
  • Sells an enormous number of inferior quality items.
  • Refunds can eat into your payment.
  • You need to make five deals before receiving your first payment.
  • Lack of clarity and about specific items.

5. JVZoo

JVZoo was set up in 2011 and has since soared to the top as one of the most well-known affiliate aggregators out there. JVZoo is unique as there are no forthright costs for either publishers or merchants (sponsors). JVZoo’s payment is solely from charging expenses (to both the trader and the affiliate) after a deal has been made. It is also uncommon to pay commissions “in a split second” through PayPal rather than once every week or month like other affiliate aggregators.

  • Niche Information

JVZoo works solely with electronic items, mainly online business, online courses, and web promoting offers. Since there are no restrictions put on the number of links, purchase buttons, or invitations to take action on a site, JVZoo can sometimes be reasonably inferior both in terms of offers as well as items. However, it has shown itself to be a wild contender to organizations like ClickBank.

  • Product Types

JVZoo is mainly about selling web courses or getting individuals to hand over their data to marketing organizations; however, it has created an influential position in promoting product launches every day.

  • Average Commission Rate

Commission rates change depending on item/dealer; however, huge numbers offer 70% or more significant yields.

  • Cookie Duration

Infinite/lifetime cookies.

JVZoo lets you both host and makes start pages on their site, so it’s far superior appropriate for proficient advertisers who want to flood the web with deals, a considerable lot of them for courses to bring in cash. You needn’t bother with your site to join JVZoo, yet you should know how to direct the crowd to a welcome/initial page to benefit from being a JVZoo affiliate.

JVZoo’s quality lets professional advertisers access item launches and the immense scope of online courses while creating sales funnels and modified start pages. It’s undoubtedly not for somebody who needs to monetize a weblog or gain cash by having client clicks and purchase physical items. If you’ve created a substantial presence online in the promoting space, JVZoo might be an ideal fit.

A quick overview of the pros and cons of this affiliate aggregator:


  • Free to register, and you can (later) meet all requirements for quick payments (Paypal).
  • Best for promoting new item launches.
  • You needn’t bother with your site.
  • You can (now and then) select second-level affiliates using the lifetime/limitless cookies.
  • Huge scope of items and groups with detailed insights on each program/shipper.


Lots of recordings and documentation accessible, yet you need to pay to access it (a one-time charge).

  • Many of the items are awful quality, if not real, “spam.”
  • You need to sell 50 items or more to receive quick Paypal payoffs.
  • User dashboard is somewhat burdensome and can, in some cases, fizzle.
  • Many shipper/dealer promotions are hyperbolic and deceiving.

6. MaxBounty

A general newcomer to the affiliate space, MaxBounty was established in 2004 in Ottawa, Canada. MaxBounty professes to be the leading affiliate aggregator created explicitly for affiliates with many successful affiliate marketing examples. MaxBounty is solely a CPA (cost-per-action) organization that doesn’t manage promotion standards or something like that; just client links that the publisher picks where to put on their site.

  • Niche Information

MaxBounty functions in the business niche and asserts to have 1000+ dynamic campaigns.

  • Product Types

MaxBounty works only with advanced items, usually about providing one’s e-mail address or subscribing for the bulletin. MaxBounty has CPA, pay-per-click, and CPL crusades that you can choose from. MaxBounty is engaged with an enormous number of verticals, including statistical surveying, land, social games, fund, dating, and health; however, it is mainly intended for advertisers looking to get new leads.

  • Average Commission Rate

The commission rate relies upon the type of crusade. A look at their site shows everything from $3.50 to $80 per cost-per-action while different campaigns payout a specific proportion of a deal. The referral commission is 5%.

  • Cookie Duration

MaxBounty doesn’t use cookies to monitor CPAs. The manner MaxBounty functions is the affiliate sends a possibility to an assigned welcome page utilizing a direct affiliate link.

MaxBounty is trying to advance beyond the pack by imposing strict anti-spam protocols. It just works with advanced items, not sales of physical products. This aggregator permits cost-per-action through smartphones. This way, MaxBounty is undoubtedly best for medium to professional web advertisers who are well-versed in managing and directing the crowd. If you’re a novice in the affiliate game, MaxBounty is perhaps not going to bring you much cash.

Maxbounty is quite simple to get around, and the dashboard is incredible as it records the best proposals for your niche.

7. FlexOffers Affiliate Marketing Examples

Flexoffers is another colossal affiliate marketing aggregator. They pay you (the affiliate) much quicker than others in the business. It has over 15 years of involvement with the field. While they don’t offer anything that is either weighty or provocative, they do give a strong cluster of tools and highlights that will undoubtedly help you in your crusades. Besides the quick payouts, Flexoffers lets you browse a large number of affiliate marketing programs to advertise, offers different content supplying forms, etc and many 7 figure affiliate marketing examples to model.

FlexOffers connects bloggers, content developers and publishers with all kinds of budget sponsors and brands. They have countless distinctive affiliate aggregators to browse. They have divided these affiliate programs into many wide and several sub-classifications, which makes the publisher’s life simpler to discover what might fit into their niche.

Flexoffers additionally has its affiliate program, which is a permit to print cash. If you allude somebody to FlexOffers and they gain a commission, you also procure commission. You can earn as much as half of the profit produced by any clients referred by you. How great is that!


  • Revenue Share: As I just said, if you allude somebody to FlexOffers and they make cash, you get a portion of what they gain.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager: Plenty of aggregators leave you to your gadgets but not FlexOffers. You get your Affiliate Manager to assist you in making a profit of your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Vast Amounts Of Affiliate Program: You get around 20k affiliate programs to browse and apply.


Paypal the primary payout method for individuals who are based globally.

8. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the best affiliate aggregators and is currently a part of AWIN. Its forum has around 5000 dealers recorded, of which more than 1000 of them are elite to them. ShareASale publishes a lot of information on every offer they are running, these include:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Reversal Interest Rates
  • Ordinary Sale Number
  • Normal Commission

Signing up on ShareAsale is an effortless procedure, and you join as an affiliate by following these steps:

  • Create your Username and Password.
  • Next, give insights regarding your site.
  • To join this site as an affiliate, you must have a weblog or website of your own even if you don’t plan to use it for ads.
  • You should give all the essential and right information concerning your business.
  • Confirmation of your e-mail address is the subsequent step.
  • Your application will be endorsed rapidly if your e-mail address is similar to that on your site.
  • After this, you need to give your contact data and different subtleties,
  • Finally, you have to choose your payment means.
  • After each of these steps are done, you need to check your account by tapping on the link sent to your e-mail to initiate your account.

ShareASale is viewed as more suitable to take a shot at than ClickBank because it offers a broad scope of traders in contrast with this site.

ShareAsale is an excellent choice in comparison to the vast majority of different sites since it offers various advantages for both the affiliate as well as the trader. It additionally gives excellent Customer Care care.

The ShareASale network is the ideal site for any individual who wishes to gain expertise in the field of affiliate marketing. This site is extraordinarily planned to keep the audience in view as such anyone can register and can fire up their affiliate marketing business quickly.


  • Large Affiliate Network: The 5000+ dealers include more than 1500 that are elite.
  • Easy to Compare Offers: When trying to browse the different offers accessible, ShareASale makes it simple to assess the best ones depending on their stats.
  • Quick Payment Cycle: ShareASale gives payment on the 20th of every month, expecting your balance is more than 50 dollars.


  • One of the significant disadvantages is that it might require some time to get along smoothly at this site.
  • The process can be a little tedious because you ought to get consent from every trader as an affiliate before you sell the items.

9. Commission Junction

CJ Affiliate brags notoriety of around 25 years in the business. While the organization positively has its drawbacks (as any affiliate aggregator does) the number of satisfied publishers and advertisers (traders, sellers) with this program show that it’s beneficial for publishers. A considerable lot of the negative surveys appear to reflect slip-ups and errors on the part of the client.

The user interface at CJ Affiliate may take some effort for you to become accustomed to it. However, its publisher tool stash is brimming with convenient tools to help you track your income, manage actions and improve conversion.

All publishers can see data of every advertiser and their functioning on the website, which is helpful when choosing which items to promote. You’ll additionally see that CJ gives a beneficial product catalogue where you can discover the comprehensive data you need about the product you’re promoting. Thus, you can always be sure that you’re publishing the correct information, and it’s all recorded for you in one file.

 When you begin making deals, you’ll get an adaptable report on your general performance and profits. The interface lets you click around a considerable amount, enabling you to create your tailored account on execution data.

Real-time Monitoring

All of the dealings and monitoring are done in real-time; This implies you can exactly know what your affiliate marketing crusades are doing right now. You don’t have to refresh the page or return later to perceive what’s going on! 

This element provides you with more superior flexibility, letting you to continually change and modify your advertising strategies to see better outcomes—and to see them produce results immediately.

Other contending affiliate aggregators aren’t precisely so prompt regarding results reporting, so this is a significant plus point.

Mobile Solutions

The tools inside CJ Affiliate’s Mobilized bundle makes it a lot simpler for the advanced affiliate marketers to track, test and improve their mobile and application conversion on cell phones and phablets, iOS and Android. Now you can perceive what going on with the clients in a hurry, then streamline the right individuals.

This program is beneficial for both the sponsors and publishers. These monitoring tools show the most imperative data concerning mobile web activities, application downloads, application interaction and any actions taken by clients inside the applications. Overall, this coordinated application tracking helps reward publishers who bring in new downloads or clients inside a promoter’s application.

Deep Link Generation and Automation

By incorporating a single line of JavaScript into your site, affiliate links can be produced automatically; This can radically eliminate the amount of time you’d spend clicking around and including things by hand.

Also, these profound links can be effectively created through CJ’s Bookmarklet, that you can introduce in your program and use as you’re riding the net. These two tools unite to make deep linking significantly more effective, sparing valuable time.

Customizable Product Widgets

CJ item gadgets are accessible as slideshows, montages or frameworks, and they’re all incredibly adjustable; This permits you to change the subtleties of every item widget on their website, subsequently guaranteeing that readers see the correct products and that you’re depicting those products accurately.

The fun doesn’t stop after the formation of these widgets, as you can modify and move items in and out, contingent upon what’s ideal for your crowd at any given time.


  • Function with a large number of advertisers.
  • Reliable payouts with a minimum of 50 dollars.
  • You pick promoters and items in advertisements.
  • Complete tools for reporting.
  • Ability to deal with various affiliate websites.
  • Pay per call alternative.


  • Unstable client care.
  • You require some time to get familiar to the Reporting tools.
  • No PayPal payoffs accessible.
  • Can be hard to get acknowledged.

10. Kartra Affiliate Marketing Examples

To set-up and maintain an online business, often you run into a blend of different programs. You don’t trade as offline ventures do, so you need to use software to redress and offer a similar experience rather than what’s provided offline- digital marketing, sales funnel, online seminars, and other computerized tools.

As an across the board sales automation program, Kartra functions by giving you one login for your advertising automation tools.

The Kartra Affiliate Aggregator pays you for each individual you allude to Kartra. Trust me; when you use Kartra, you will want to inform others about it. However, you don’t need to be a Kartra client to turn into a kartra JV affiliate. It’s free to join.

Kartra is a blend of tools that fills in as an:

  • E-mail marketing crusade forum.
  • Marketing self-acting forum (allowing you to create and mechanize your business channels)
  • Marketing page developers (start pages, lead pages, deals pages, welcome pages, item dispatch pages, payment pages, video direct mail advertisement pages, and more).
  • Membership gateway developers
  • Shopping carts
  • Online structure developers
  • Split testing and link monitoring program.
  • Calendar and meeting planning program.


  • It’s a special incentive than Clickfunnels.
  • It’s convenient to use.
  • The client service is beneficial.
  • You can discard many tools and use only this one.


  • Adding components or moving things around in the e-mail editor makes it stop and refresh.
  • It intends to supplant e-mail marketing forums like Convertkit and Getresponse, however, it’s not that ideal in the e-mail marketing forum.
  • Some parts of Kartra are significant, and some are fine.
  • You may even use other programs besides Kartra.

In general, Kartra is a decent program suite. It offers a ton of highlights within one plan, so if you don’t like having many memberships, and you’d want one, then I’m sure Kartra could merit taking a look at, as they have many such successful affiliate marketing examples.

I don’t think Kartra substitutes content management software like WordPress. It is anything but a blogging forum, so it is hard to use Kartra to pull in clients using the SEO and ranking on Google search engine. WordPress would be an ideal alternative for the SEO technique. Kartra would certainly perform best for individuals who use YouTube or paid advertisements as their primary source of traffic.

Kartra may also be costly for organizations who aren’t driving a lot of traffic or income yet. I wouldn’t suggest it for organizations that can’t keep their functioning costs (barring payment and just including tools, hardware, and value of products) to less than 50 per cent (with the Kartra membership). Instead, I’d suggest firms whose income isn’t appropriate for an investiture in software tools like Kartra to use WordPress.

In my view, Kartra is more of a membership that you’d move up to once you’re producing income and ready to spend more money to increase sales conversions. If you’re making adequate income and you need to try out Kartra as an alternative to expanding your sales conversion, I suppose it would be something worth giving a try.

Now Let’s look at the top affiliate marketing examples which you can model for your business and start generating high recurring profits as a beginner.


1. ClickFunnels

clickfunnels affiliate marketing program

AVERAGE COMMISSION: 40% + car after 100 Leads

Clickfunnels is an affiliate program that achieves a couple of various things.

 •        It lets you rapidly and proficiently fabricate a premium quality lead page to either sell an item or record client data.

•        It enables you to catch up with existing or future clients by various methods(mail, newsletter, notifications, messenger, etc. )

•        It permits you to take another client through a multistep sales procedure which will expand your client lifetime worth and boost the number of your order requests from every client. 

I suppose it is shrewd to take a second and clarify a couple of things that are usually misinterpreted.

A lead page and a site are not identical. While you can also develop a website on ClickFunnels, it was intended to make start pages. The site is suitable for data circulation and presence maintenance. A lead page is created to eliminate hurdles and walk a client through sales procedure online same as they would face to face.

ClickFunnels is not a wonder drink; it is an affiliate program that lets you develop your business, your crowd and boost your sales by using appropriate online sales strategies. As a forum, it enables you to build the lead pages and follow up crusades without the need to be high tech.

In simple words, it is a medium that helps you to create a site from zero, discarding the need for hosting and reducing the amount of coding that should be done when one wishes to develop a website.

With regards to the creating sales funnels, Clickfunnels is the most effortless solution to an issue of having highlights like e-mail promoting and affiliate program creation. Furthermore, when I talk about simple, I mean that it takes as meagre as a few minutes to get your funnel functional and market-ready. Take a look at the options in contrast to Clickfunnels – hiring an advancement group to create everything for you from scratch, which can cost you a chunk of a penny.

Clickfunnels is one of the best Affiliate Marketing Examples if you are looking to model a 7 Figure Business and generate high recurring profits!

Check It Out!

2. ActiveCampaign

active campaign


ActiveCampaign (AC) is an influential, ground-breaking, and dynamic MA and CRM forum that has a straight, simple UI. Clients can conveniently set up an e-mail list, and monitor a client’s engagement (whether they opened the mail, tap on a link inside the e-mail, opened a site, etc.). You could adopt a few strategies to implement advertising effort methodologies within AC, such as,

Crusades: In AC, a crusade refers to a norm, one-time mail burst that sends to all users in a rundown at an assigned time and date. A campaign may be used for a bulletin, or, maybe, to inform users of a sale on your site.

Automations: With automations, you can develop a crusade work process customized to the particular targets of your advertising effort. You can make a linear list of e-mails to be sent at determined times, as in most other MA forums, yet AC’s genuine force can be seen in the ability to mechanize various activities.

Deal Flows: ActiveCampaign’s CRM can not just record and manage a client’s comprehensive data, but it can also screen a client’s advancement from prospect to client. A sales opportunity walks through stages inside a sales funnel, furnishing clients with a visual portrayal of how close or far the open door is from its objective.

Most importantly, ActiveCampaign is convenient and offers an easy-to-use interface that lets beginners develop and screen crusades, automations, and sales flow. Basic, compelling colour themes, simplified features, and insightful page designs ingrain client confidence and offers a degree of solace that isn’t found on other forums.

Regardless of AC’s easy to understand interface, work processes and automations can get perplexing. Often a primary e-mail succession isn’t enough for a publicity effort, and numerous crusades that require more intricate work processes can wind up tangled and confusing. But, don’t worry; Active Campaign has enormous amounts of assets over various forums to help with both often asked and rarer queries, including their weblog, YouTube channel and discussion forums.

Toward the day’s end, ActiveCampaign functions how you would anticipate it with some best affiliate marketing examples. Clients can feel confident that their automations, crusades, and sales stream will work appropriately and not break.

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3. LeadPages

Leadpages affiliate marketing examples


Leadpages is a web-based tool that you can use to gather e-mail endorsers and is one of the well known affiliate marketing examples to generate good revenue. That is the primary purpose of Leadpages, and they give massive amounts of purdy layouts that you can use for lead magnets, online seminars, start pages to develop your e-mail list. Leadpages also has designs for things like deals pages — it’s a powerful tool! Leadpages has a considerable amount of highlights, so let me share a portion of its most extraordinary, pertinent, and helpful highlights for bloggers and business people who are contemplating whether Leadpages is worthy. Here are some of my preferred things that you can do with Leadpages:


Leadpages is an ideal choice for anybody beginning with online seminars.


Leadpages makes this a fundamental fix. To do so, you need to build another Landing Page in Leadpages and then upload your complimentary gift, which will consequently be mailed to your new patron after they pick in. It’s a phenomenal strategy if you want to advance your list with content updates, but you’re not tech-savvy.


If you’re searching for a more straightforward solution, then Leadpages lets you build an active button within their software. It’s super simple!


This feature is one of my preferred things about Leadpages that makes it super simple for many people, developing a lead magnet start page on their site. They have about a zillion various layouts you can tweak to build landing page opt-in forms.


Presently, if you’re a beginner and can’t afford to recruit a web designer, then Leadpages could be an incredible alternative for planning a whole, proficient sales page. They have heaps of layouts that are convenient for anybody to modify, so you’ll probably discover something that would function well for your offer.


You can have somebody text a specific word or expression to a particular number; They’ll get a text asking them to revert with their e-mail address and once they do, they’ll be enrolled!

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4. GetResponse



GetResponse empowers you to make a significant patron list so that you can build relations with them. It has tools for making crusades. The E-mail Creator Tool with layouts – This apparatus lets you to either make formats from zero or use other accessible designs.

Getresponse has an incredible storehouse of Learning Resources with some great affiliate marketing examples for success. This affiliate program has created some fantastic courses to figure out how to use their forum as well as to learn different helpful hints in context to e-mail marketing. The assets are in Video, Lead, Graphic Design, Technical Paper, and Screening form. Besides, you can also seek after their Digital Marketing Certification Course.

One thing that makes it unique is that all the components of your funnel are developed with GetResponse. Things like start pages, e-mail bridgeware, leave pop-ups, social media advertisements, payroll processors – all of these are accessible in one single software. That implies you don’t pay extra to blend with different solutions.

Apart from the highlights discussed above, GetResponse brags an entire host of different features that can be used to make efficient advertising e-mail crusades too.

  • Newsletter directory – You get an opportunity to add your bulletin to the GetResponse catalogue to add a couple of more clients to your rundown.
  • Video e-mail advertising – insert video contact within your mails for additional snap throughs
  • Online reviews – Invite clients to finish important surveys with this user-friendly module.
  • A/B testing – test and measure which crusades work the best via A/B testing module.
  • RSS to e-mail – declare blog entries and news with 30 adaptable RSS to mail layouts.
  • Form generator – 600+ approaches to make registration forms to give your deals an infusion
  • QR code builder – an incredibly simple to use QR code producer tool.
  • List enhancer building program – 16 different ways to increase the number of contacts on your e-mail list.

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5. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes

AVERAGE COMMISSION: 35% + 25% Recurring

Majority of their items come at a one-time cost with lifetime refreshes. Furthermore, Thrive Themes subscription costs you a lot less in comparison to other contending options for funnel creation.

Thrive Leads, Thrive Survey Builder, Thrive, Architect, all these items accompany built-in A/B testing components. Their items coordinate well with one another, revealing incredible marketing use cases; This is their most important quality. They have a forum-based business model and is definitely one of the best affiliate marketing examples.

All Thrive Themes items offer great UI and experience and have excellent documentation, uphold recordings, and their university. These assets indeed smooth out distance-learning. Their items blend well with all themes (long back specific highlights were just meant for their pieces).

Thrive Themes Subscription comes with a great theme creator that lets you plan every part of your site. With this, you can modify certain features of the theme that were not effectively adaptable. All the items are resource-rich, and features are cautiously added, keeping in mind the real-life promoting apps.

Their pace of using new functions is quite decent. They turn out recent highlights and updates in a week or two. They have made it simple for your site to be GDPR approved. Thrive Themes were perhaps the most punctual one to take GDPR seriously and instruct us with their videos.

Thrive Themes has a whole set-up of conversion products like Theme Builder, Architect, Leads, Ultimatum, Survey Builder, Optimize, etc.

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6. ConvertKit

convertkit affiliate program


ConvertKit is a fully-equipped E-mail Service Provider (ESP) made by Nathan Barry. On account of its convenience, automation and different highlights, it’s one of the quickest developing e-mail advertising organizations around. It also provides adjustable registration forms and starts pages to help drive in more e-mail endorsers and is one of the best affiliate marketing examples.

ConvertKit is very convenient to use, robust, and its paid plans are reasonably priced. They likewise offer a free lead page plan. This program is intended for one type of target crowd: web developers, such as bloggers and YouTubers; This implies that there aren’t a great deal of online business-based highlights that you don’t require.

ConvertKit – Tabs

To start with, here’s a fast outline of each one of them.

  • Subscribers: the individuals who have enrolled in your e-mail list.
  • Lead Pages and Forms: ConvertKit offers a massive assortment of adjustable, responsive start page layouts and forms included with all pricing levels to assist you in getting more e-mail registrations.
  • Broadcasts: It is a one-time e-mail to your rundown (or a fragment of it)—ideal for daily bulletins.
  • Sequences: A multi-part arrangement of mails.
  • Automations: It lets you do things like sending various e-mails to individuals automatically depending upon the moves they’ve made, like, tapping a link or opening a specific mail.

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7. AWeber



AWeber is an e-mail advertising service co-op with around 1 Lac independent company customers around the world. You can stay connected with your clients who have requested to be on their e-mail list.

AWeber creates and runs a sign-in e-mail marketing facility used by more than 110000 private companies, bloggers, and business visionaries around the world. These online tools assist organizations by keeping in contact with clients and prospects through e-mail.

It’s a fantastic e-mail advertising program for a few reasons which make it one of the best affiliate marketing examples. Not only is it brilliantly adaptable, but also has excellent highlights like transmission messages, reports, and managing endorsers.

AWeber reports are excellent. You can browse account reports and rundown reports. With account reports, you can perceive the number of opens, taps, and income all of your rundowns collected over time. Having this data readily available is incredibly important!

AWeber lets you send follow up e-mails consequently to your clients following a fixed number of days and at a determined day of the week and time you pick. This a fundamental component for occupied entrepreneurs!

AWeber has e-mail crusades in automation form. You can send a mail with the correct message, to the correct business person, likely at the right second in a mutually beneficial e-mail marketing. It interacts with business more viably and with its numbers the correct way.

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8. Elegant Themes

elegant themes affiliate program


If you’re searching for a fresh WordPress theme, one name you’ll often run over is Elegant Themes and generous commissions which make it one of the best affiliate marketing examples. With its quite famous Divi Theme, a couple of ground-breaking modules and a functioning client network, Elegant Themes is perhaps the biggest name in the WordPress internetwork.

Elegant Themes certainly merits a spot on your waitlist with regards to theme and plugin shopping. It has delivered around 88 WordPress themes throughout the years, just as various plugins. However, it has pulled together its focus on its two most recent motifs, Divi and Extra, only as its Bloom e-mail option form and Monarch online media plugins. The WordPress page developer that assisted in making the Divi theme, so mainstream is now accessible as an independent extension as Divi Builder.

Just as its great items, another motivation behind why Elegant Themes has been so mainstream is its estimating plans. For only 89 dollars every year, you gain access to all of its themes (including the premium  ‘Divi’ theme) and extensions, making it high priced, if you’re thinking about using its items for quite a while. There’s also a no-query, 30-day money-back assurance so that you can try out the themes and extensions without any worries.

While Elegant Themes’ emphasis is currently on its two principal themes, Divi and Extra, you can still access its old designs. Although these themes look truly obsolete and are being retired, so it’s ideal to disregard them when choosing whether or not to join.

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9. BlueHost



Controlling more than 2 million sites all over the globe, Bluehost is a famous brand name in deal web hosting and many successful affiliate marketing examples. By doing an enormous volume of business, they’re ready to offer steep value discounts.

Besides providing a full scope of web site hosting services, Bluehost offers advertising training, Search Engine Optimization services, online media promoting, content creation, infographics, e-mail, hostnames, and local professional references to build traffic.

Bluehost serves everybody from novice bloggers to set up an online business, etc. Bluehost provides a scope of items and services to assist you in launching your site or online shop: from WordPress to web designer tools. They have a special spotlight on meeting the digital advertising and training requirements of private ventures.

Their worth evaluated hosting bundles accompany unmetered transfer speed, free worldwide CDN and SSL authentications, and free backups every day, weekly and monthly on a fantastic and tested forum that is created to scale and upgraded for speed and security.

If you intend to develop a site or blog, you’ll need to try out Bluehost as it’s one of just three hosting organizations verified by WordPress.

Their least expensive shared hosting plan for a single space costs just a couple of dollars every month. For somewhat more cash, you can include limitless domains and subdomains.

Yet, Bluehost isn’t just for novices. They are ardent supporters of the Open Source group, and they offer latest developer tools like security shell Access, File Transfer Protocol, and a completely adaptable Linux kernel.

Their company vision is to make “a better and more secure web for everybody.” Bluehost underpins this vision by investing in open source ventures, encouraging web etiquettes, and making their service convenient for people of all ages to use.

These are a few of Bluehost’s services:

  • Websites: You can use their simple DIY website developer to make your own, or you can get their plan pro to construct a website for you.
  • SEO, promoting, online media advertising, and local business presence: Bluehost offers proficient marketing services, including making content for your webpage. You can get monthly counsels with an advertising expert. What’s more, they measure progress so you can watch your ROI.
  • Domains, e-mail, and useful online tutorials: Including on-site guide management, hosting websites, and promoting themes.

Furthermore, Bluehost brags of outstanding uptime, a clean, insightful control board (called cPanel) that lets you build alluring and useful pages for your business.

So, if you run a business site, or need one, Bluehost is a robust web host that worth trying out.

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10. TailWind



One of the most popular and secure tools to assist online media bloggers, influencers and ventures of different sizes is Tailwind. In simple terms, Tailwind is mainly a Pinterest and Instagram promoting toolbox that has various features for you, for instance, plan posts, find content, track and examine conversions, offer you amplified exposure, boost your presence and measure the effectiveness of the outcomes.

Tailwind is known for offering genuine outcomes in less time which make it one of the best affiliate marketing examples to model. When you are using online media applications like Instagram and Pinterest proficiently, and they are a significant source of income for you, you need to be your best.

Generally, Tailwind is linked to Pinterest as an extremely viable marketing tool, but it is, basically, a full-fledged and complete toolbox.

With Tailwind you can:

  • Upload pictures at a quicker speed.
  • Know what the perfect and ideal time to post and timetable your pins and posts likewise is.
  • Know the survey metrics and examine how your pins or posts are performing.
  • Boost your range, extend your coverage and connect with more people.

Tailwind was created and set-up as the Pinterest promoting tool, but now it has extended its functionalities for Pinterest timeslot planning and publishing too. 

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11. Elementor Pro

elementor pro affiliate program


Elementor Pro is a plugin of Elementor that provides you with immense expert tools that accelerate your work process and plan.

Elementor Pro main features are:

  • Theme Builder lets you modify all aspects of your theme.
  • Visually create forms and embed them flawlessly.
  • Professional layouts and blocks.
  • Key proficient widgets and highlights.
  • 24/7 expert customer help by their team.
  • Signup for Elementor Pro today and start enjoying the best architect solution for WordPress.
  • Elementor is a simplified page developer extension for WordPress.

It is so convenient to use, even if you don’t have any coding knowledge or tech experience; So anybody can build sites like a pro using Elementor. It has one of the quickest loading times of any page creator, making it enjoyable to work with.

Another feature I find specifically useful is live modification. Live plan and inline altering mean you can see accurately how your site will look at the same time as you edit. Elementor functions flawlessly with all WordPress Themes, thus can be used on old sites. The prominence of Elementor has soared since 2019. At the hour of composing, there are more than 2 million dynamic downloads. Elementor is full-fledged with highlights that makes it unique when compared to other WordPress page developers.

Some of the key highlights are:

  • Convenient and robust drag-and-drop editor.
  • Live modification lets you see what your pages will resemble as you edit simultaneously.
  • Speedy interface accelerating your work.
  • Around 90 components and tools that offer all that you need to make your layout unique like subheading, picture, progress bar, button and text processor.
  • Over 35 of these tools are accessible with the free download variant.
  • The paid Elementor Pro accompanies extra features and 50+ additional widgets like sharing buttons, index, and lead producing forms and popups.

I highly recommend Elementor Pro Affiliate Program as most of my sites are built with this tool, and they offer generous commission for Affiliates – One of my Favorite Pick and one of the top affiliate marketing examples.

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12. Affilorama



Affilorama is an affiliate marketing coaching program and an online network for affiliate advertisers. Their tutorials include video lectures, digital books, Supplementary readings, etc.

With many long hours of video tutorials and other assignment based lessons; it is clear that Affilorama has all-around related materials for Affiliate Marketing Coaching and many successful affiliate marketing examples.

Affilorama offers different levels of Subscription and with several items to browse; from the very foundation of learning affiliate marketing to further advanced level.

Intriguingly; their items does highlight a few independent and different products; generally known as up-sells. Though Affilorama may not be the best online network to master affiliate marketing, yet they are far superior to a great deal of affiliate marketing training courses in the business.

In my view; one of the significant drawbacks of Affilorama is their expense and probably the up-sells that will inevitably cost you more over the long haul!

Who can use it?

  • Affilorama is for anybody who wishes to figure out how to bring in cash on the web.
  • Anybody that needs to know how to locate a gainful niche.
  • Someone who needs to learn the basics to survey and develop a niche explicit affiliate site.
  • Anybody trying to turn into an online affiliate advertiser,
  • Anybody that needs to find out how to create a productive affiliate site.
  • Anybody hoping to make extra money for themselves.
  • Anybody who needs to learn affiliate marketing from the scratch to professional level.
  • Anybody who wishes to begin learning affiliate marketing with no investment(applies to the Free Plans).
  • Anybody who needs to master affiliate marketing with a how-to guide, and with a touch of assistance.
  • Anybody that needs to learn how to bring in cash from their site with no previous experience.
  • Anybody that needs to figure out how to advertise products!

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13. SocialOomph

SocialOomph Affiliate Marketing Example

AVERAGE COMMISSION: 40% + 5% second generation

SocialOomph is an online media timeslot booking solution. It tracks online media activity and plans updates on different networking sites like, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat,  Facebook and LinkedIn. 

SocialOomph helps clients in handling different social accounts at the same time. Its open authorization technique is used to get to Twitter accounts safely. Mass uploading of tweets can be done by placing them into a single text record. It also offers scheduling of photographs to be uploaded, shares, weblogs and tweets. Using RSS channels, refreshes can be published on social media.

SocialOomph’s host page handling feature assists enterprises allowing many staff members to operate with a single account. Post metrics on Twitter or Instagram accounts consequently get erased after a specific timeframe.

SocialOomph is accessible through weekly memberships, and backing is expanded online. It is an excellent scheduler. You can use it without any charges on Twitter except for they have a pro plan for LinkedIn, Pinterest, planning mail refreshes, and weblog posting. There are additionally some latest Twitter highlights in the premium membership. You can screen out profiles, bulk tweets and track new followers.

It’s simplicity and relevance make it one of the best affiliate marketing examples where you can make money while promoting a great product.

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14. ScreenFlow



ScreenFlow from Telestream, Inc. is a screen recording and video altering program for the Macintosh Operating System. It can record the sound and video from the PC, modify the recorded video, include features or explanation, and yield various diverse record types, for instance, GIF and MP4.

ScreenFlow is a robust and convenient video editing and screen recording solution for Mac. It is an insightful program that lets the clients record of the whole screen PC sound simultaneously, camcorder, and mike. The application additionally enables clients to alter the content by cutting and resetting the clip or including subtitles, captions, and motions.

ScreenFlow is ideal for teachers, mobile application developers, and advertisers looking to make excellent online lectures, program demos, coaching, application reviews, slide show, etc. It offers a wide range of highlights that include: partial screenshots, good quality video, IOS clipping, incredible video altering tools, proficient motion and animation illustrations, smooth media management, closed subtitle support, publishing alternatives, and MP4 encryption.

ScreenFlow has an easy-to-use interface that offers three choices for exploring the program. The “new recording” feature lets you do screen recording, mike or both. Then again, there is an option to create a blank doc or open a saved record.

Its onboarding altering feature makes altering as simple as screen recording. The incredible video editing widgets are included in a board that is simple to access and use. They let you modify your content in similar software as a record; This implies all expert level effects, including text, closed subtitles, remarks, explanatory notes, etc. can be included with no consistency concern.

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15. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program


Amazon is an e-commerce affiliate program and one of the best affiliate marketing examples. It’s free for site proprietors and web content creators to become Amazon Affiliates. They promote items from on their websites by embedding backlinks. When clients tap the link and purchase items from Amazon, they procure referral charges.

It’s imperative to remember that the level of the deal you get isn’t the main factor in your bonus. Your conversion rates are also counted since it shows the number of individuals clicking a referral link and shopping after visiting your website.

Since you get a share of everything a client purchases from Amazon within 24 hours of when they show up at from an associate link, there’s also the possibility to procure more income from items that you don’t explicitly promote. For instance, if you run a stunner blog that highlights affiliate links to plush beauty products, that have a charge rate of 10%; you may get 10% of the value of a branded lotion, yet also, 8 per cent of the cost of a canine treats crate if the client likewise buys cookies.

However, to gain a commission from Amazon buys, a client must submit an order request within 24 hours of showing up at from your referral link. When that 24-hour panel closes — or if the client re-enters Amazon through another associate’s url, you won’t earn any money from resulting purchase. However, if the client re-visits Amazon through one of your referral links, a new 24-hour panel opens, and you’ll again be able to earn cash depending on the client’s purchase.

One of my site SHiE, which is an online destination for Indian women, earns a decent commission form Amazon Affiliate Program, so I definitely recommend this if online shopping interests you.

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16. Improvely


AVERAGE COMMISSION: 50% 1st time, 10% after

Improvely shows you the actual individuals using your website with a consequently created activity panel for every guest. Become acquainted with your most significant clients so you can discover more of them.

It shows you where your clients and income are coming from so you can invest more energy on advertising that works, and quit squandering cash on the inadequately converted crowd.

  • Recognize your best clients so you can discover a more of them.
  • Monitor frequent visits over weeks or even months.
  • Offers latest conversion attribution models.
  • Pick from first-click, last-click, or something in the middle.

With the income boosting highlights, live updates, and paybacks you’ll be providing, your customers will never be happy with exhausting PDF reports again!

  • One gateway to monitor all their marketing crusades.
  • Provides click scam tracking to secure advertisement budgets.
  • E-mail notifications keep your company in touch with customers.
  • Messages show customers where new clients originated from.
  • Ongoing Spy plays a ring whenever a new sale occurs.

Let your customers access Improvely updates under your domain, with your organization name and logo as the main label. You choose what level of access customers get to Improvely. The entirety of Improvely’s reports can be sent out to Excel CSV records. You can likewise transfer click lists, conversion records and other nitty-gritty data that goes into the aggregates in your reports.

  • Consistent with existing UTM Google Analytics label.
  • You can transfer metrics and other information to Excel CSV.
  • Import PPC costs from Google and Bing reports
  • Import affiliate gains from outside organizations.

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17. InstaPage



Instapage offers the robust lead page solution for advertisers around the globe. The advertisers and digital promoting organizations use this program for marketing crusades. You can set up a start page in a couple of minutes without any difficulty. Website admins, bloggers, online networks and e-mail advertisers can bring in cash by alluding clients to Instapage. You can gain repeated income from clients until they quit extending their Subscription.

Instapage provides the most consistent and adjustable lead page available. Start Pages are a primary tool, and this program is developing at a faster pace as they become the favoured software for proficient advertisers worldwide. Collaborate with Instapage and benefit from their rapid ascent through this liberal affiliate program.

Instapage shares half of the income on your referral’s first purchase and 30 per cent of the payment on each instalment after that. New commissions start at 19.50 dollars and move as high as 762 dollars per referral. Monthly repeating commissions are 11.50 dollars, 20.50 dollars, and 44.50 dollars per referral.

Still not persuaded it merits your venture? They have:

  • Cookie duration of 120 days with monitoring and dynamic rescaling crusades.
  • A proven history of having a stable CR, LTV, and EPC.
  • An energetic, private affiliate supervisor who is also an effective affiliate marketer and comprehends what our accomplices need and how to assist.

A developing list of tools and assets to help both new affiliate advertisers and veteran affiliate promoters boost their profit through our program.

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18. Social Pilot

Social Pilot


SocialPilot is offering online media advertising and timeslot booking tool for offices, web content creators and social networking experts. Individuals can plan their tweets, share their blog entries and monitor the social media metrics using the tools. Numerous bloggers, website admins and SEO experts are using SocialPilot for their online media tasks. Aside from using their program, you can likewise bring in cash from SocialPilot affiliate program. The associates can gain repeating commissions from this program.

SocialPilot is user-friendly and underpins all popular social media, including Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, to automate your planning. It endorses more social websites than other mainstream promoting tools. You can post custom pictures, recordings, Gif documents, and emoticons to enhance your crusades.

Facebook focusing is another significant benefit of SocialPilot. It assists you in targeting a specific crowd by age, area, hobbies, and various factors. If you need to limit the audience by age or location, it is also conceivable with SocialPilot. It is a useful asset for online ventures to discover new prospect clients and increment profit. Furthermore, it comes with a free trial for 14 days. So you can use SocialPilot cost-free during the period.

Mass Scheduling an Important Feature for Companies– is a significant element that makes SocialPilot an excellent choice for the enterprise. You can create around 600 posts in a single shot through CSV file. The online media organizations that have ventured as customers and need to do mass posting are abusing this element widely.

SocialPilot doesn’t charge per group member– SocialPilot supports teamwork. The innovative contents are not created by a single person but by the bunch of individuals functioning together with a similar goal. Therefore, this program doesn’t charge on per individual premise, and subsequently, you can invite and work together with as many people you need.

Browser Plugin– Believe me, friends, you are going to cherish this current feature. It’s truly unique; SocialPilot underpins browser plugins for firefox, chrome, and safari.

Voila! You can even schedule the photos from the canva. SocialPilot likewise encourages you to share blog posts legitimately from the web or the Facebook news source.

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19. Shopify



Shopify is an over the edge online business forum that lets you begin, develop, and deal with a business. Shopify assists you make, tailor an online store, sell in numerous spots, including online, mobile, social networking, e-commerce websites, physical areas, and flash stores. Some other work you can do with Shopify is, handle items, stock, instalments, and trading.

Their service is cloud-enabled and organized, this means, you don’t need to stress over updating, keeping up software or web servers (which can be an issue in forums like WordPress).

A few advantages of using Shopify are:

Highlights that are explicitly made for trade like analytics (the number of order requests you’ve had, the number of items you’ve sold, conversion rate, etc.) and e-mail formats.

  • Setting up an online business site on forums as WordPress provides you with a ton of adaptability; however, it tends to be complicated for individuals who aren’t very high tech. Shopify is simple to set up doesn’t matter if you are technology geek or not, you can have an eCommerce shop in as meagre as 15 minutes.
  • Shopify is a multilingual forum so you can pick one of the dialects that is available and have most things quickly deciphered; This means, you won’t need to interpret stuff as you would on other programs manually.
  • An assortment of free formats to browse. Shopify has a choice to make clothing, photography, fashion house, grandstand items, low and high volume shops, among others.
  • A simple to follow onboarding procedure. After you make your profile, you’ll get some tutorial videos at the lower part of the page, watch them and adhere to their directions to set up your shop the correct way.
  • Strategic collaborations: You can “accomplice” with shops and sites like Instagram, Amazon, etc. to add their items in your store.
  • It’s protected and robust: Security is fundamental to any online store that handles private and budgetary data from clients. All shops that use Shopify are PCI DSS approved by default so you can secure payment and business information.

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20. Morevago



Morevago offers an easy way to gain buyer trust. It is a service that shows genuine surveys around the site to possible clients. It’s a tool intended for ease, it’s financially savvy contrasted with different solutions sold today, and it functions at numerous forums.

Morevago is a clingy survey program. As clients audit your items or services, those reviews show on your website for all your guests to see. The sticky surveys seem to site guests as though they are occurring continuously, making your guests bound to convert.

In case you’re searching for an approach to boost your online business conversions; Morevago might be the correct software solution.

Using Morevago

  • When you have Morevago, you can rapidly start adding client audits directly to your site.
  • To begin with, start by enrolling into the Morevago forum and visiting the crusade area. Here you can change particular settings for the website you need to show your reviews on, and you’ll get a code to insert.
  • The code goes into various areas according to the site innovation you’re using. Still, as it endorses several types of site, you shouldn’t have a problem making it function.
  • Morevago is intended for convenience while substantially affecting navigate rates on your site.
  • You can choose which pages reviews will show up, and change how long the program holds on to show the central reviews. You can also modify how long reviews appear on the screen and how long before the following survey shows.
  • These controls make it simple to modify and enhance to be as compelling as conceivable at improving your conversion rates.
  • Genuine advertisers can use these fundamental changes to boost the buys and subscriptions that they get through regular testing. It’s something not generally feasible with more accurate tools that advance everything for their clients.

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Affiliate Marketing Examples – Summary

I hope this article provided you a good perspective of what affiliate marketing is, and how you can leverage this business model to earn high recurring revenues as you start your online business. You just need to identify your niche which you are passionate about, and then pick on a product which you love and understand that in depth. Subsequently, you can start promoting that product and start building a loyal user base with whom you can nurture a long term relationship and promote other products to continue to benefit form the users you have acquired. 

There affiliate marketing examples are some of the best in the industry, but as you go deep in your niche and area of expertise you may unravel more products which are of interest to you.

Please feel free to reach out to me for guidance and let me know your feedback on this article by commenting on the thread below.

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