10x Your Business Growth and Leadership Impact With AI – Masterclass by Anurag Jain


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🤯 Overwhelmed by the thought of integrating AI into your budding business?

👀 Watching competitors harness AI, while you’re stuck in the starting blocks?

💭 Concerned that without AI, your business dream might remain just that… a dream?

It’s time to bridge that gap and supercharge your business with AI expertise. Let’s transform those uncertainties into actionable strategies together!

Whether you’re a student, early-career professional, founder, freelancer, or budding entrepreneur, this course is tailored for you.

Who this course is for?

🚀 Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Ready to launch your dream but need the right tools?

📈 Existing Business Owners: Want to scale and modernize with AI?

🎓 Students: Eager to get ahead with practical, future-ready skills?

🌐 Digital Nomads & Freelancers: Looking to offer more value to clients?

🛍️ E-commerce Enthusiasts: Want to build or optimize your online store with AI?

🔍 Curious Minds: Intrigued by the blend of business and AI?

🤖 Tech Newbies: Keen to demystify and harness the power of AI?

🌟 Visionaries: Ready to lead and innovate in the AI-driven business era?

Dive into a transformative course with Anurag Jain, the brain behind several successful brands. This isn’t just a course; it’s a roadmap to seamlessly integrating business and AI, even if you’re just starting out. Anurag doesn’t just teach; he shares real-world wisdom. In 30 days, move from uncertainty to confidently running a business powered by AI. Your blueprint to a smarter, AI-enhanced business journey is here.

Course Overview:

📅 Start Date: January 6th, 2024

📅 Duration: 4 Weeks (8 live sessions)

📅 Days: Every Saturday & Sunday

⏰ Session Length: 3 hours each

Why This Course?

  1. Practical Learning: Work practically through the content of the best-selling book, “POWERHOUSE: Proven AI Playbook to 10x Your Business and Leadership Impact.”
  2. Expert Guidance: Learn directly from Anurag Jain, a seasoned business leader, who has built and consulted 100+ brands to reach million-dollar milestone
  3. Hands-on Projects: Engage in projects, group activities, and contests to reinforce learning.
  4. Certification: Earn a certificate to showcase your expertise in leveraging AI for business.

Build Real World Applications with AI – Build and Scale Your Business 10x Faster

Course Breakdown:

Day 1: Introduction to Business with AI

  • The AI Revolution in Business
  • Understanding Different Business Models
  • Niche Research: Finding Your Perfect Business Fit
  • Real-world AI Application in Business – An Overview
  • Live 30-min Q&A Session

Day 2: Generative AI and Prompt Engineering

  • Dive into Generative AI: What It Is & Why It Matters
  • Prompt Engineering: Crafting Perfect AI Prompts
  • Supercharging Your Business Operations with AI
  • Hands-on: Building Your First AI-Powered Tool
  • Live 30-min Q&A Session

Day 3: Building Blocks of Your AI-Driven Business

  • Website Creation: Best Practices and AI Integration
  • Setting Up an E-commerce Store with AI Recommendations
  • App Development: Enhancing User Experience with AI
  • Hands-on: Designing an AI-Powered Website, Store and App
  • Live 30-min Q&A Session

Day 4: Amplify Sales and Marketing with AI

  • AI in Digital Marketing: SEO, SEM, and Social Media
  • Personalized Customer Journeys with AI
  • Predictive Sales Analytics
  • Hands-on: Crafting an AI-Powered Marketing Campaign from scratch
  • Live 30-min Q&A Session

Day 5: Revolutionize Customer Experience and Support

  • AI Chatbots: The Future of Customer Support
  • Personalizing Customer Experience with AI Analytics
  • Feedback Loop: Using AI to Understand Customer Feedback
  • Hands-on: Building Your Own AI Chatbot
  • Live 30-min Q&A Session

Day 6: AI in HR, Finance, Operations and Other Business Functions

  • Recruitment: AI in Screening and Shortlisting
  • Training & Development: Personalized Learning Paths with AI
  • AI in Project Management and Operations
  • Hands-on: AI-Powered Business Automation across functions with Zapier
  • Live 30-min Q&A Session

Day 7: Building an AI-Driven Business from Scratch

  • Ideation: Brainstorming AI-Driven Business Ideas
  • Validating Your Business Idea with AI Tools
  • Building Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with AI
  • Hands-on: From Idea to Finished Product with AI – Building a fully functional Print on Demand Store with AI
  • Live 30-min Q&A Session

Day 8: Summing Up, Expert Tips, and Competitions

  • Review of Key Learnings
  • Expert Tips: Scaling and Growing Your AI Business
  • Competition: Setting the Stage for Competition
  • Live 60-min Q&A Session

Day 9: Group Project Presentation and Graduation Ceremony

  • Group Presentations: Showcasing AI Business Projects
  • Feedback and Insights from Anurag Jain, along with peer evaluation for the competition
  • Graduation Ceremony: Certificates and Recognitions

Live Competition

🏆 Competition: Stand a chance to win awards worth 50,000! (1st: 25,000, 2nd: 15,000, 3rd: 10,000)

📼 Recorded Sessions: Can’t attend live? No worries! All sessions will be recorded for your convenience.

Exclusive Bonuses Worth ₹49,999

1. AI Business Toolkit (Value: ₹7,999)

  • A curated set of AI tools, software, and resources to kickstart your business journey. This toolkit will include licenses, trial versions, and exclusive discounts to premium AI tools.

2. One-on-One Strategy Session with Anurag Jain (Value: ₹9,999)

  • A 30-minute personalized consultation with Anurag Jain to discuss your business idea, get feedback, and gain insights on how to leverage AI for maximum impact.

3. Access to a Private Networking Group (Value: ₹4,999)

  • Join an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. Network, collaborate, and share ideas in a supportive and resource-rich environment.

4. Guest Expert Sessions (Value: ₹6,999)

  • Access to 1 live session per week with CXO-level leaders from diverse industries across E-Commerce, Consumer Business, Healthcare, and Coaching. These sessions will provide insights into real-world applications, challenges, and the future of AI in various industries.

5. Access to Future Course Updates (Value: ₹3,999)

  • The world of AI is ever-evolving. Receive free updates to the course content for the next year, ensuring you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

6. Monthly AI Business Webinars (3 Months Access, Value: ₹5,999)

  • Stay updated with the latest in AI and business with monthly webinars. Topics will range from new AI tools in the market to case studies of successful AI-driven businesses.

7. Mock Pitching Session (Value: ₹5,999)

  • Get an opportunity to pitch your AI business idea to a panel of experts and receive constructive feedback, helping you refine your pitch for real-world investors.

8. Priority Support for 3 Months (Value: ₹3,999)

  • Get priority support for any queries or issues related to the course content. Whether it’s technical assistance or clarification on a topic, you’ll be at the front of the queue.


💰 Course Fee: INR 24,999

💰 Waitlist Fee: 5,000 (non-refundable) – Included in Course Fee.

The remaining balance (INR 19,999) is due 7 days before the course start date.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business with AI?

This isn’t just another course. It’s a transformative experience that will equip you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to harness the power of AI in your business. Whether you have a business idea or not, by the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to build one.

Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and success.

Language: Primarily English

About the Instructor – Anurag Jain

Anurag Jain stands at the forefront of business innovation, having steered global powerhouses like Amazon and Johnson and Johnson to new heights. An alumnus of the esteemed Indian Institute of Management, Mumbai, his expertise spans from scaling million-dollar brands to pioneering AI-driven business strategies. Beyond his impressive professional accolades, Anurag’s passion for the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence makes him a sought-after mentor in the entrepreneurial world. Dive into this mastermind course with Anurag, and equip yourself with insights only a seasoned industry leader can offer.

🛡️ 100% Risk-Free Guarantee! 🛡️

Not thrilled after the first class? Get a refund for all remaining sessions, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority.


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