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Increasing YouTube Likes: A Step-by-Step Guide for Boosting Engagement


All the people including kids, students, professionals, housemakers, etc. are using YouTube daily to watch different types of exciting videos. If you are not running a YouTube channel, you could be missing a great opportunity to reach a wider audience. A popular channel with lots of likes can benefit from increased authority, higher visibility on YouTube and search engine rankings, and a growing online presence. Let’s find proven tricks to get more YouTube likes on your videos and maximize your channel success.

  1. Include a video popup on your website

YouTube video popups can encourage more visitors to watch and engage with your YouTube videos straight from your website. So, create a video popup and add it to your website to get more likes. This is the most useful strategy for creators promoting their newly uploaded videos. YouTube’s algorithm prioritizes new and trending videos. The more views your video receives in the first 48 hours, the higher you have chances to get your video visible on the homepage on YouTube. 

  1. Create keyword-rich YouTube titles and descriptions

Keywords refer to the words or phrases people use to find related content. YouTube keywords are as important as keywords in blog content or website content. By creating video titles and descriptions around target keywords, you can increase the likelihood of your videos getting found by users more easily.

You can find the most searched keywords using keyword research tools online or by typing the video topics into YouTube’s search bar. A keyword-rich video description can increase the CTR (click-through rate) of your videos and boost their viewership and likes count. However, when producing your video description, you must gain viewers’ attention while adding trending keywords.

  1. Host a YouTube contest

People are highly interested in participating in exciting online contests and winning excellent prizes. Moreover, they often share the link of these contests with their friends and followers. You can leverage this strategy to get more viewers and likes on your YouTube videos. By hosting a YouTube contest or an online contest, you can get more likes, channel subscribers, and views along with growing your email list, gathering UGC (user-generated content), and boosting your website traffic.

  1. Create videos that give value to the audience

Viewers are encouraged to provide YouTube likes to your videos when they find them interesting and valuable. People use YouTube to learn something useful, get some entertainment, or a combination of both. So, you must focus on creating videos that offer the best possible value to the viewers without compromising the video quality. Focus on the type and format of your video, ensuring it resonates with the taste of your target audience.

To create videos that prove relevant to the users’ interests and preferences, you must know your audience and their desires. You can simply conduct a YouTube poll or online survey to ask your followers what they would like to watch. Moreover, you can do keyword research using online tools to find trending words. Also, you can ask your audience for their feedback.

Music, technology, travel, entertainment, food, beauty & fashion, and gaming are the most-searched topics on YouTube. Experiment with different types of videos to bring something new for the viewers. For example, you can create how-to videos, tutorials, product launch videos, product reviews, timelapse, etc.

  1. Use end screens

End screens play a significant role in reminding viewers to take certain actions. It tells users what you wish them to do after watching your videos. Creating end screens helps tell users more about your YouTube channel and persuades them to click and watch more. For example, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, like your video if they find it interesting, and recommend which topic they want the next video from you.

Embedding end screens to your videos is simple. Head to your video within YouTube Studio and tap on the pencil icon to get the video details. Next, tap on the End Screen and then hit the blue plus icon to select the required end screen. At last, click Save to apply the chosen end screens to your video.

  1. Embed YouTube cards to your videos

Including YouTube cards for your videos is one of the best strategies to encourage more viewers to watch more of your content. As a result, you can promote your other content straight inside a video. You can produce cards to get more channel subscribers, bring traffic to your website, remind viewers to like your videos, visit your giveaway landing page, promote other content, and more purposes.

Not just for new videos but you can use YouTube cards to promote your previous underperforming videos featuring fewer views and likes. Use your YouTube analytics to find less-performing videos and then include a card to bring more viewers.

  1. Cross-promotion

Promoting your YouTube videos on other social media networks or online platforms can help you increase likes on your videos. So, use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to cross-promote your videos and drive more views, likes, and subscribers. For example, you can share your YouTube video on your Facebook feed to let more people watch it. Also, you can share teasers of your new video on your Instagram stories. To ease this task, you can use a reliable social media tool to schedule new posts on various social media accounts.

  1. Collaboration with other creators

Collaboration with renowned industry influencers and other YouTubers (content creators) helps in growing your YouTube channel. It is as important as guest posting for blogging. Since influencers and popular YouTubers already have a solid following base, collaborating with them can attract their audience to discover your videos.

This is because they find their favorite YouTuber in your videos. Additionally, it can benefit you with the creation of the best quality content as guest YouTubers can provide a unique perspective on the covered topics while providing more authority to your YouTube channel. Consequently, it will benefit both of your channels with increasing likes. 

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